54 Hunts Place – WCD Field Notes – 8/22/2017

AM Field update
First round of trucking was complete by 10 a.m. Some instantaneous odors and positive PID readings were noted along the perimeter of the Site during load out, mainly downwind outside of the site entrance and along the Saw Mill Pkwy off ramp. The max PID reading noted during the first round of load out was 1.3 ppm along the SMP off ramp.

The town stopped by around 9:30 (2 engineers, 1 building inspector) to discuss the complaints they received regarding the discharge pipe located in the head wall on the southeast corner of the Site. NRC had plugged the pipe with 2x4s plus a silicone seal and backfilled, as a temporary seal. The town engineer (Bob Cioli) requested a plan from the project engineer describing the temporary seal. Once received Bob will forward to this office for review.

PM Field update
The last truck of the second round was loaded by 2:15 p.m. NRC continuously sprayed odor suppression agents (foam and biosol) during excavation and truck loading activities. Minor PID detections (max 0.9ppm) were recorded adjacent to the Site entrance (downwind of excavation). Slight odors were also noted at this location, mainly odor suppressant agent odors. No odors or PID readings were noted on the Quaker Rd Bridge or on the other side of the train tracks this afternoon.

Dave Herman of the NYSDEC was present at the site during the day and noted that he had seen free product coming from the western wall of the excavation. In addition, it is understood by this office that no endpoint samples are being collected from the excavation. Given site conditions witnessed by the NYSDEC and the absence of endpoint data, WCD has requested copies of the RIR and RAWP to review to confirm that all appropriate remedial actions are being taken at the site.