54 Hunts Place – WCD Field Notes – 8/21/2017

Arrived at the site at 8:00 and had a compulsory Health & Safety meeting.
Began vapor monitoring at the perimeter of the site at 8:20 at ten minute intervals. Trucks were being live loaded from the excavation, which was being foamed and sprayed with odor suppressants. The maximum PID reading recorded was 0.3 ppm at 8:30 at railroad side of the site. Town of Newcastle Building Inspector, Richard B. Polcari stopped by the site and I discussed field observations with him.

Peak PID reading between 9:00 & 10:00 was 0.3 ppm at railroad side of the site. The 8th and final truck of first round left at. 9:30. Discussed the drain at the southeast corner of the site with the GC and NYSDEC. In the event of pump/water treatment system failure and a storm event the drain could be a potential conduit for petroleum contaminated water in the excavation to leave the site. Per the GC, the drain is to be plugged.

Peak PID reading between 10:00 and 11:00 was 1.2 ppm during grading of the side of the excavation beside the RR tracks. At times when soils were undisturbed, PID at this location was 0.0 to 0.1 ppm

Peak PID reading between 11:00 and 12:00 was 0.3 ppm at the site gate at 11:40 during the second round of truck loading. Slight but noticeable petroleum odors were noted at the time of the peak PID reading.

During the morning the wind had been from the west and the peak PID readings documented were all at the eastern downwind side of the site along the railroad tracks while trucks were being loaded. The wind remained from the west after the truck loading had been completed. The wind remained from the west throughout the afternoon and vapor monitoring was biased towards the parking lot east of the railroad tracks and the site gate. The peak PID reading recorded east of the railroad tracks during the afternoon was 0.3 ppm and at the site gate 0.2 ppm was recorded at the site gate. Both peak PID readings were recorded during disturbance of contaminated soil at the site. Intermittent slight petroleum odors were noted at both locations during the afternoon.