Advisory Boards

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Advises on Cable TV franchise services for the Town of New Castle cable TV area.


Advises on, formulates and promotes programs that will enhance the beauty and appearance of New Castle.

Co-chairs: Phyllis Furnari, Monica DeJanosi
Meeting Schedule:  Second Wednesday of each month

Board Size and Terms: Ten members with three year terms

Meetings: Second Monday of each Month at 7:30 PM.


Renders advisory opinions on specific situations or when requested, on the conduct of an official or employee, in accordance with the provisions of the adopted Code of Ethics.

Meeting Schedule: As needed

Board Size and Terms: Five members for three year terms (Two members of the initial board will serve two years)

Click here to download the Ethics Code

Ethics Committe Members

David Browde – 2 year term

Kyle-Beth Hilfer – 2 year term

James A. Shanman – 3 year term

Evan Glassman – 3 year term

Ken Schonberg -3 year term


Studies and advises the Town Board and other Town departments, boards and commissions on developing sound open space planning and assuring preservation of natural and scenic resources within the Town of New Castle.

Chair:  Alexandre Manz

Meeting Schedule: Third Monday of each month

Board Size and Terms: Seven members for three year terms


Chair:  Dr. Flank

Established: November 14, 1989

Members: Five (Plus Associate Members)

Term of Office: Three Years

Meetings: Jointly with Conservation Board on the Third Monday of Each Month  and  when  necessary, at 7:30 PM

The Environmental Review Board (ERB) is the approving authority for development applications with regard to the Town’s wetlands regulations, with the exception of projects coming under the jurisdiction of the Planning Board.  The Planning Board also refers received applications to the Environmental Review Board for its review and report.

The Town Board interviews and appoints the ERB members, and designates a Chair who serves for one year.  Members are chosen on the basis of background and skills related to environmental assessments. The Board meets jointly with the Conservation Board on the third Thursday of each month to consider matters of mutual interest.

The Environmental Review Board conducts site visits and holds work sessions to determine final action when necessary. Site visits are scheduled to fit into the Planning Board meeting cycles in order to prepare a timely report or set of comments.  A quorum is usually achievable on a Saturday morning during the month; however, the ERB occasionally uses a Sunday, or weekday evening, for a quorum.

Members are expected to be familiar with the regulatory thresholds and requirements of the Town ordinances relating to environmental protection, including steep slopes, trees, and especially wetlands and wetland buffers.  They are also encouraged to develop skill in reading blueprints, maps and draft plans, as well as the basic science underlying environmental evaluation.


Established in 1990 for the purpose of making recommendations on buildings and sites of historical note so that their historical significance will be taken into account with respect to applications before the Board of Architectural Review, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.
More information is available on the Town Historian and town history.

Chair:  Gray Williams, Town Historian

Meeting Schedule: As needed

Board Size and Terms: Five members with three year terms


The Millwood-West End Advisory Committee (“MWEAC”) monitors events in and represents the interest of Millwood and the West End of Town. The Committee advises the Town Board about programs that will contribute to making the Hamlet of Millwood and the West End attractive and comfortable areas for both residents and businesses. The Committee works in cooperation with the Town’s Beautification Advisory Board, Conservation Board, Planning Board, Board of Architectural Review and Housing Advisory Committee.

Co-Chairs:  Dianne Kleinmann and Michael Stern

Meeting Schedule: First Thursday at the Millwood Firehouse #2 on Route 134.

Board Size and Terms: Ten members for three year terms


Chair:  Steven Wolk

Board Size and Terms: Seven members for five year terms

Established:  January 11, 1994

Members :  Seven

Term of Office:   Five Years

Meetings: Last Wednesday of Each Month at 7:30 PM.


The role of the Solid Waste Advisory Board was recently expanded, and the Town board designated SWAB as the Sustainability Advisory Board.

The Sustainability Advisory Board continues to advise the Town Board about policy administration of solid waste collection and disposal (residential, commercial, and governmental), recycling, and waste reduction. As a Board it stays informed about local, regional, and national developments that affect solid waste management in the Town or that could serve as models for the Town; devises and carries out programs of public education; monitors the success of the Town’s solid waste program; and assists the Town Board in evaluating proposed solid waste contracts, capital projects, operational changes, and inter-governmental agreements. Its evaluations consider short and long-term costs to the Town, its residents and businesses; environmental impact; regulatory compliance; and program convenience.

In addition, the expanded role includes the duties related to specific duties related to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

(1)   Review data and baseline information and assist the Town Board in establishing medium and long-range targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and developing a program to achieve those targets. Such review will include the evaluation of policies and recommendations relating to energy management, transportation, waste management, construction and land use;

(2)   Conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast to determine the source and quantity of greenhouse emissions in town, including a review of energy audit reports for all existing public buildings and facilities, and a review of existing proposed public transportation policies Townwide;

(3)   Make recommended modifications to improve fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and promote alternative fueled vehicles in fleet use;

(4)   Continue to monitor and promote the reduce, reuse and recycle approach to waste management on a Town-wide basis, including schools and businesses.

(5)   Establish, implement, and monitor an educational effort to inform residents and promote the benefits of reducing energy use and the reduce, reuse and recycle approach to waste management, and to encourage the use of green products and renewable energy sources by holding town forums, maintaining a Web page and providing regular communication in the Town newsletter;

(6)   Work with the Conservation Board to establish, implement, and monitor water conservation practices to protect and conserve our water supplies;

(7)   Advise on local codes and guidelines for new construction projects and renovation projects to promote environmentally sustainable practices;

(8)   Recommend new technology and research into alternatives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cooperating with other municipal jurisdictions and neighboring communities to amplify positive results.

The Town Board appoints all members of the Solid Waste Advisory Board to staggered terms so that no more than two terms expire in any single year. The Town Board designates the chairman of the Board for a one-year term or until a successor is chosen. The Board shall meet at least three times a year and as many other times as the Chairman deems necessary. All meetings shall be open to the public. Each member is to be notified of the time and place of any meeting at least five days in advance whenever practicable.