The 2017 Tentative Roll

2017 Final Roll

2017 Tentative Roll 

The 2016 Final Roll

2016 Final Roll

The 2016 Tentative Roll

2016 Tentative Roll

2016 Tentative Roll Total

The 2015 Final Roll

2015 Final Roll

2015 Final Roll Total

The 2015 Tentative Roll

2015 Tentative Roll

The 2014 Final Roll

Below is the 2014 Final Roll file in PDF Format.

2014 Final Roll

2014 Final Roll Totals

The 2014 Tentative Roll

Below is the 2014 Tentative Roll file in PDF Format.

2014 Tentative Roll

2014 Tentative Roll Totals

2014 Tentative Roll

2014 Tentative Roll Totals

What we do

  • Prepares assessment on Real Property
  • Publishes new assessments on Tentative Assessment Roll June 1st.
  • The Town Assessor Welcomes meetings with residents to explain the assessment process and review assessment concerns.
  • Property owners who feel their assessment is incorrect may appeal to the Board of Assessment Review (BAR).  BAR meets on the Third Tuesday in June and complaints must be filed after June 1 and on/or before the third Tuesday.  For more information on the grievance procedure, please contact the Assessor’s Office.
  • After the complaints are deliberated, the Assessor files the Final Assessment Roll on September 15th of each year.
  • Receives new exemption applications as well as renewals.  All applications are due by June 1st of each year.
  • Property record cards are available in the Assessor’s Office.

The Town of New Castle GIS Tax Parcel Maps may soon be available on the Internet. They will offer a limited view of the overall tax parcels that are within the Town of New Castle.