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Cash & Check taken at the Recreation Office
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Prize Winners:

Ages 6 to 8

Faris Fatouh- Most Fish Caught

Chase Beckenstein- Biggest Fish Caught

Ages 9 to 11

Giselle Wheeler- Most Fish Caught

Luke Hollick- Biggest Fish Caught

Ages 12 to 14

Samantha Bonanno- Most Fish Caught/Biggest Fish Caught (**16 inches, largest of the day!)

Braeden Lummel- Special Fish Caught (12 inch orange trout!)

Ages 15 to 16

Roger Chiascione- Most Fish Caught/Biggest Fish Caught

Ages 17+

Anita Montano- Most Fish Caught/Biggest Fish Caught

*If your name is listed above, come down to the Recreation Office to claim your prize!


New Castle 10K/5K Road Race  2017