Environmental Board

Mission Statement: To explore the proposed streetscape designs and make recommendations to the Town Board. The committee should consist of a member from each of the following boards: Architectural Review Board, Beautification Advisory Board, Planning Board, Master Plan Steering Committee, and the Town Board. Members are expected to be familiar with the regulatory thresholds and requirements of the Town ordinances relating to environmental protection, including steep slopes, trees, and especially wetlands and wetland buffers. They are also encouraged to develop skill in reading blueprints, maps and draft plans, as well as the basic science underlying environmental evaluation.

Established: November 14th, 1989

Term of Office: Three Years

Meetings Held: Third Monday of Each Month


Board Members Term Ends
William Flank – Chairman 11/14/17
Ivan Alter 2/12/19
David Horowitz 11/14/16
Jonathan Rosenbloom 11/14/17
John W. Blake, Associate Member No Term Limit

For more information, please contact Stephen Coleman, the Staff Liaison for the Environmental Board, at scoleman@mynewcastle.org

There is currently one vacant position on the Environmental Board.

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