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APRIL 2014

        Chappaqua Crossing 2014 Revised PDCP Description (76.87 MB)

         Chappaqua Crossing 2014 Revised PDCP Full-Size Drawings (45.31 MB)

          Chappaqua Crossing 2014 Revised PDCP Preliminary Stormwater Management Report (5.51 MB)





623_13-11-12_PDCP_Full-Size_Dwgs_pg_1-12.pdf  This is a very large file 28MB

623_13-11-12_PDCP_Full-Size_Dwg_pg_13-28.pdf  This is a very large file 28MB


FEIS 9.2013 (please note some of these files are very large.)












July 19, 2013

Cross Reference to Town Comments on June 19 & June 27

July 2013 FSEIS Redline Narrative Tabs I & II (5 MB):

July 2013 FSEIS Tab III - Transcripts and Comment Letters (59 MB) :

July 2013 FSEIS Tab IV. Appendix 2 Traffic Section Attachments (12 MB):

July 2013 FSEIS Tab IV. Appendix 3 Redline Supermarket and Retail Market Study (1 MB):

July 2013    


Here is the existing Applicant response to comments Pt.2

        Applicant’s Response to Comments Pt.2

SEIS-Proposed Project Petition.pdf (21.2 MB):

SEIS Full-Size Drawings.pdf (43.1 MB) :

Volume 1 Section I - Chappaqua Crossing SEIS.pdf (13.5 MB):

Volume 1 Section II - Chappaqua Crossing SEIS.pdf (73.7 MB):

Volume 1 Section III - Appendix - Chappaqua Crossing SEIS (26.2 MB):

Volume 2 SEIS Traffic Study Appendix 5F.pdf (37.1 MB) :


 FSEIS – Part I

Here is the existing Applicant response to comments and Town Response Pt. 1 And the remainder of that section.

Applicant Response to Comments and Town Response Pt.1

Chappaqua Crossing FSEIS I Introduction

These sections reference the following figure and appendices. These can be downloaded for your review by clicking on the following links. If any of the links do not work, please copy and paste them into your web browser.

· Section II.c - Wetland Mitigation Plan (6.11 MB) - 

· FSEIS Appendix 1 SWPPP (17.6 MB) -

· FSEIS Appendix 2 Traffic Attachments (12.33 MB) - 

 Below are files that contain the lastest proposal for the Chappaqua Crossing Project. 

Please Note: A disk of these files are avaiable at the Town Clerks Office. Thank you.

June 2013

Draft Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and Invasive Species Management Plan

 Appendix 3A Draft Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) -

Appendix 10 Invasive Species Management Plan -


April 2013 Chappaqua Crossing DSEIS Accepted by Lead Agency

-Click below to download or view DSEIS. To view a hard copy please visit the
New Castle Town Clerk or the Chappaqua Library. 


April_2013_Chappaqua_Crossing_DSEIS_Volume_1_Section_I_Cover__Executive_Summary.pdf (13.64 MB) -


April_2013_Chappaqua_Crossing_DSEIS_Volume_1_Section_I_Presentation_of_New_Information_and_Studies.pdf (83.79 MB) -


April_2013_Chappaqua_Crossing_DSEIS_Volume_1_Section_III_Appendix.pdf (32.94 MB) -


April_2013_Chappaqua_Crossing_DSEIS_Volume_2_Appendix_5F_SYNCHRO_Analysis.pdf (44.32 MB) -


April_2013_Chappaqua_Crossing_DSEIS_Full-Size_Drawings.pdf (43.79 MB) -


Written comments on the DSEIS can be submitted to  Janice Friend, Secretary of the Planning Board, 
200 South Greeley Avenue, Chappaqua NY 10514

The email address for written comments is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.