Chappaqua Hamlet


Comprehensive Landscape Design Project

In August 2008, The Town of New Castle retained a team of design consultants, Pouder Design Group, to advance a vision for the revitalization of the streetscape within the Hamlet of Chappaqua. 

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Conceptual Plan for Downtown Chappaqua

Building upon previous studies of the area (i.e.,  2003 Vollmer Associates Report and 2007 Project for Public Spaces Report (6.23 MB)),  the Town Board and Downtown Steering Committee (DSC) directed the consulting team to created a plan for the public areas based on these guiding principles:

  • Improve, enhance and revitalize the downtown Chappaqua to create a vibrant community destination and economically viable downtown district.
  • Encourage excellence in creative landscape design and programming in consideration with the distinct character, connections and small town charm of Chappaqua.
  • Create linkages between the architectural features, streetscape, and pedestrian elements and encourage the creation public open spaces.
  • mprove the aesthetics and functionality of public ways and sidewalks for directing the circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Encourage the use of Low Impact Design tools and Integrated Management Practices. 

The Study Area consists of the core of the Chappaqua Hamlet.  Its southern edge is the intersection of South Greeley Avenue and Washington Avenue and extends northward to the intersection of North Greeley Avenue and Bischoff.  The Study Area also includes several adjacent streets namely Woodburn Avenue, Upper and Lower King Street and a portion of Senter Street.  

The plan and presentation are conceptual and represent the first major step in the development of the Comprehensive Landscape Design for the Hamlet.  Upon viewing the plan, you will notice several substantial infill projects and improvements.  The buildings and uses shown are “conceptual” and are meant to illustrate scale and provide perspective for creative options in Chappaqua.

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