Comprehensive Plan

Project Update

Here’s an update as to the work being done in relation to our Comprehensive Plan Update:

· January 2014: Review of Draft Westchester County Background Studies began

· July 2014: Final edits to Background Studies submitted to Westchester County this week.

· September/October 2014: Final background studies from WestchesterCounty (Timing depends on Westchester County workload).

· March 2014: Pace LandUse LawCenter hired to assist with the Public Outreach Process.

· April 2014: Pace LandUse LawCenter worked with staff and the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee to prepare for the planned public meetings.

· April 2014: Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee began working with their various workgroups to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (“SWOT” Analysis) of the 1989 Town Development Plan.

· May/June 2014 Pace conducted seven (7) public outreach meetings

· August 2014: Final Public Outreach Document expected to be released

· September 2014: Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee “SWOT” Analysis expected to be completed.

· Fall 2014: Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee to be participating in workshops to develop the draft Goals and Objectives of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Once the draft goals and objectives have been identified, they will be circulated to the public for comment. The MPSC will then work to identify strategies to implement each of the goals and objectives. Several areas of other information (comprehensive planning standards, capital projects, zoning) will need to be examined in relation to this work.

· In addition to the things outlined above, the Town Board is currently discussing the development of a Comprehensive Plan Survey