About the Project

January 2016 Update:  Draft 2016 Comprehensive Plan Released

At the end of January 2016, the draft 2016 Comprehensive Plan was released to the public and distributed to the Town’s boards, committees and staff Department Heads for review. All throughout February and March, the Planning Department and the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will meet with the Town’s boards, committees and department heads to garner feedback and finalize the document. The public will be encouraged to send feedback on the Plan as well. Click here to view the Project Schedule and Boards and Commissions Meeting Dates.

Public participation has been and continues to be a key element in the development of New Castle’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan, and it will be critical to its long-term implementation.  The open, inclusive and interactive nature of the community engagement process ensured that various stakeholders’ and residents’ local knowledge and preferences were the defining factors of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan.  As such, this Plan is grounded in community values and seeks to achieve a better future for New Castle.

The Town Board initiated the Area Revitalization Studies for both the Chappaqua and Millwood Hamlets as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update Process last year.  These Studies will commence once again, after the Town Board considers adopting the 2016 Comprehensive Plan.



October 2015 Update:

On October 7th, the Comprehensive Plan’s draft strategies were released for public review and feedback at a workshop held at Bell School. Pace Land Use Law Center introduced the strategies by first summarizing the Comprehensive Plan update process to date and explained how the strategies were generated. Click here to view the full presentation and click here to view the draft strategies.

About the Project

The Town of New Castle is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated in 1989. Concurrent with the update, the Town is also generating revitalization strategies for the Hamlets of Chappaqua and Millwood. These area studies are designed to support the Comprehensive Plan and also establish a long-term strategy for enhancing the quality of life in New Castle’s commercial centers.

The Existing Conditions chapter of the New Castle Comprehensive Plan (NCCP) establishes a qualitative and quantitative description of the Town’s physical, socio-economic, and environmental characteristics. Click here to view the Existing Conditions Chapter

The Chappaqua Revitalization Strategy (CRS) aims to identify opportunities for enhancing Chappaqua, as defined by the boundaries of Chappaqua as a Census Designated Place (CDP). The CRS consists of three distinct phases: (1) Assessment of Existing Conditions, (2) Formulation of Revitalization Strategies, and (3) Production of an Implementation Framework.  Click here to view the Assessment of Existing Conditions.

The Millwood Revitalization Strategy (MRS), which aims to do for Millwood what the CRS does for Chappaqua, can be accessed here : (1) Assessment of Existing Conditions and (2) Formulation of Revitalization Strategies.

The New Castle Comprehensive Plan is a planning process managed by the Town of New Castle’s Planning Department with ongoing guidance provided by the New Castle Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and technical support from Pace’s Land Use Center.

Background  of Comprehensive Planning in New Castle

The Town of New Castle’s first comprehensive plan was adopted by the Planning Board in 1958. The most recent Town Development Plan was adopted in November of 1989. Much of the data and background materials for the 1989 Town Development Plan were compiled in 1984. The Town Board is looking to update the Town Development Plan once again. Much has changed from 1989 to the present. The Updated  Comprehensive Plan will reflect these changes and speak to the future of development in New Castle.

The Town Board has appointed a 5-member Steering Committee and has contracted with the Pace University Land Use Law Center to work with the Town Planner to develop the Comprehensive Plan Update. As part of the process there will be pointed opportunities for public participation.

Click here to view the Pace Land Use Law Center Proposal and here to view the Proposal for the Downtown Revitalization Strategy