Environmental Review

The SEQRA Environmental Review for the draft 2017 Comprehensive Plan is currently underway.

Comprehensive Plan SEQRA Guidance Document

Comprehensive Plan EAF Part 1

Westchester County Referral Response – April 17, 2017 

The four documents below stemmed from a joint meeting between the Planning Board and the Town Board and were not considered as part of the SEQRA Environmental Review Process, however the Commission’s comments (linked below) have been considered in finalization of the plan.

  1. Planning Board Memo to Town Board DraftComprehensivePlan 02 27 17

2. Planning Board Tracked Changes:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/0b7ndkrfnk0lep8/PB%20Tracked%20word%20doc%20%282%29.pdf?dl=0

3. Questions 02.2017

4. Planning Board Revised Draft:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/rn7ziztb2kc51m4/228%20PB%20Draft%20Revised%20CP.PDF?dl=0

New Castle Planning Board Comments on the Comp Plan 5/19/17