Millwood-West End Advisory Board

Mission Statement: The Millwood-West End Advisory Committee (“MWEAC”) monitors events in and represents the interest of Millwood and the West End of Town. The Committee advises the Town Board about programs that will contribute to making the Hamlet of Millwood and the West End attractive and comfortable areas for both residents and businesses. The Committee works in cooperation with the Town’s Beautification Advisory Board, Conservation Board, Planning Board, Architectural Review Board¬†and Housing Advisory Committee.

Established: Formerly known as Millwood Task Force, established March 12th, 1974

Term of Office: Three Years

Membership: Dianne Kleinmann (Co-Chairperson), Michael Stern (Co-Chairperson), Lewis Baretz, Michael Dorio, Phil Rice, Nicole Riche, Louis M. Russo, Gregg Sanzari, Jordan D. Schiffman, Leslye Smith

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There are currently two vacant positions on this committee.

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