Statement – Horrific Events in Charlottesville

Rob Greenstein
Town Supervisor

This weekend’s horrific events in Charlottesville serve as a strong reminder that we must be tireless in our efforts to condemn racism in our community and in our country. Silence in the face of intolerance is as bad as acceptance.

Because I am fortunate to have access to a public stage, I again take the opportunity to ask each and every New Castle resident to appreciate, accept and encourage diversity and community.

My most important message is that these lessons, these warnings and these values should be a constant in our lives. Tragedy and outbursts of hatred should not be the impetus for us to express the importance of acceptance to our children. We must, every day, act so as to honor the commitment to the rights of all citizens, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, physical condition or origin.

It is only when we take this approach on a daily basis that we will effectively challenge intolerance. It is not enough to wait for a wake up call—-the passage of time from this weekend’s events should not diminish our efforts to reach out to each other and to teach our children that we are, in the truest sense of the word, a community that readily accepts one another.