The Reusable Bag Initiative: Public hearing on May 24, 2016 at 8:00 pm at Town Hall

Now let’s solve another problem together!  Please come to a public hearing on May 24, 2016 at 8:00 pm at Town Hall and be a part of the team making New Castle the green leader in New York State.

The Problem

Single-use plastic shopping bags:

  • Part of the climate change problem
  • Break down into our food chain
  • Clog waterways and sewers
  • Litter our roads


Paper shopping bags compared with plastic bags:

  • Twice the climate change problem
  • Four times the waste problem
  • 20 times as much water to produce as thin plastic bags


And the bags cost our businesses money!


The Proven Solution: The Reusable Bag Initiative

  • Ban single-use plastic shopping bags
  • Place a 10-cent fee on paper bags in the stores that provide the most bags (food markets and pharmacies – the fee will be kept by the stores).

Ask anyone in Portland, Maine, Davis, CA, Washington, DC and many other places – they’ll tell you how easy it is and how proud they are to use reusable bags and preserve the environment and our health.

Will you take 1 night to support this important initiative that will impact us for decades?

For more information or to provide comments, please email