Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 10/25/16

Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 10/25/16

Jill Shapiro
Town Administrator, New Castle
2017 Budget

Comptroller Rob Deary and I have been busy with the 2017 budget, we have already presented the tentative budget to the Town Board. The Tentative Budget is the budget suggested by Department heads/ the staff level. Last week, each of the town departments met with the town board to defend their budgetary requests and their submitted budgets. The Board crafts the second round of revisions based on the Board’s priorities for the Town and always with an eye towards fiscal responsibility and respect for the tax cap.  This is the Preliminary Budget and that second version of the Budget will be presented next week.

In addition to preparing the 2017 budget-

Rob Deary is also responsible for the preparation and filing of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).   WE have been notified that once again, Rob Deary has been recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association for a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting- the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting. According to the Government Finance Officers Association, the award of this certificate represents “a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.” As if that recognition was not enough, Moody’s has confirmed the Town’s Aaa rating noting that:

“New Castle has an outstanding credit position, and its Aaa rating is much higher than the US city median of Aa3. The rating reflects a very strong financial position, and an ample tax base with a superior socioeconomic profile. It also incorporates a moderate pension liability with a negligible debt burden.”

Moody’s full report as well as the GFOA letter is located on the Comptroller’s page of the Town’s website.

It is no accident that the Town’s financial position remains solid- it is a testament to our dedicated and accomplished staff and to the Town Board’s commitment to continued fiscal responsibility. Congratulations to Rob on a job well done!

Chappaqua Train Station

We started at the train station in late May/early June. We knew we had to replace some wood trim to prepare for painting the exterior of the train station. When we started removing the wood we were shocked to find the extent of the damaged and rotting wood that needed to be replaced. As the train station had been renovated only 12 years earlier, we were certain that the $40,000 we estimated for wood replacement was sufficient. As of today, we have purchased $80,000 in replacement wood and after almost 5 months of painstaking restoration, we are a little more than half-way completed. We have completely rebuilt, by hand, entire sections of the wooden exterior structure.

In addition, to the additional cost of the wood, we have paid over $10,000 in overtime to staff to move the project along, working on Sundays and Monday afternoons when the restaurant is closed so as to try and minimize impact to them. We want to thank the Chases for their continued cooperation during this renovation- and a shout out to our DPW crew – gifted and skilled craftsmen who are restoring this New Castle landmark with the care, expertise and attention to detail it deserves! Once completed (hopefully within a few weeks), the train station will look as amazing on the outside as it does on the inside!