Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 11/10/16

Town of New Castle Administrator’s Report – 11/10/16


Jill Shapiro
Town Administrator, New Castle

Just a few quick things because of our late start

A shout out to DPW for the beautiful buntings on the train station- work there is almost complete- thanks to everyone for their patience. Once the crews complete work at the station and painting the taxi stand- they move over to the Wallace auditorium for restoration work on the fascia board.

A heartfelt thank you to the Town Clerk’s office and to our election inspectors who started their day before 5:30 am and ended it well after the polls closed at 9 pm

And a special shout out to Christina Papes who literally called up and down Westchester county looking for and securing I voted stickers for our town-so we at least got that late crowd!

And while we are saying Thank you- a big thank you to NCCMC and Carrie Krams for the upgrade to our recording equipment in the conference rooms. The public will see a huge difference in the sound and visuals of the recordings of our work sessions in the conference rooms going forward- thanks so much.

Town Hall will be closed Friday for Veteran’s Day and next Wednesday 10 am town hall is the League of Women Voters budget presentation – with Rob Deary and Rob Greenstein.