Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report August 18, 2017


New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 8/18/2017

Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Hunts Place Update

Hunts PlaceAs far as the Brownfield remediation being conducted at 54 Hunts Place, as many are well aware, odors were identified in early August by community residents. Those complaints were immediately referred to the NYSDEC, which promptly investigated the complaints and stopped work on the project.

Although NYSDEC has exclusive authority to control the remediation work, the Town immediately retained our own environmental consultant, WCD, to monitor the process. WCD reviewed the Revised Remedial Action Excavation Approach, Revised Community Air Monitoring Plan and Community Emergency Response Plan. They inspected the site and interviewed on-site personnel familiar with the equipment currently being used to monitor the site and familiar with the prospective excavation schedule.

WCD has requested, and NYSDEC has agreed that the site plans were modified in the following manner:

  • Additional air monitoring station to be situated between the excavation area and World Cup
  • The excavation activities will be accompanied by the use of odor suppressing foam (Rusmar) and spray (Biosolve).
  • The number of off-site air monitoring stations increased by at least four (4) to provide data from all directions of the site. Permanent locations can be established to the north, proximal to the nursery school, to the east, proximal to commuter parking and a commercial shopping district, to the south, proximal to the MTA commuter station, and to the west near the Saw Mill Parkway off-ramp. WCD recommends that permanent stations be set up as described above.

We have requested that NYSDEC maintain a continual presence on the Site during the remainder of the excavation activities to assist the prime contractor in determining the need for and the timing of odor suppressing actions. We have requested that the Town and WCD receive daily CAMP reports and all other relevant correspondence relating to air quality. Last, our Town Building Inspector will be notified immediately of any odor complaints or monitor exceedances.

Work resumed this morning, Friday, August 18th. Our environmental consultant, and NYSDEC were on site. Our environmental consultant noted that foaming activities are occurring with excavation. Once the ground is broken, the foam is placed.

A Hunts Place Odor Compliant Hotline has been set-up. The number is 914-613-6026. You can read more here.

Commuter Lot PavingCommuter Lot Paving

There will be a partial closure of the rail road commuter parking lot from Monday, August 21 through Friday, August 25, for a repaving and restriping project. Overflow parking will be available at Town Hall.

Roaring Brook Road Paving Update

The date for the milling and paving on Roaring Brook Road was changed to Monday, August 21st and Tuesday, August, 22nd. Also,regarding the paving at Horace Greely High School, will be Tuesday, August 22 through Thursday, August 24.

Route 120 Paving

The paving work is scheduled for August 21 – 26. The lane closures will be in effect from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day. The road will be open to traffic utilizing one lane alternating operation through the work zone. NYSDOT will be placing variable message boards at the north end of Route 120, near the Route 133 intersection, and at Chappaqua Mountain Road within the next few days, alerting motorists of the upcoming work. Ideally, motorists would avoid using Route 120 during the pavement project, but the road will be open to traffic. The roadway will be milled first, then will be resurfaced. There will be 2 – 3 days when motorists are driving on the milled surface.

Con Ed Tree Trimming

Below is a list of streets that Con Ed will be performing routine tree trimming maintenance. No tree removals are planned, only pruning and trimming.

  • Bedford Road
  • Memorial Dr
  • Brevoort Rd
  • Brevoort Pl
  • Paulding Dr
  • Kitchawan Dr
  • Mohegan Dr
  • Algonquin Dr
  • Seneca Dr
  • Overlook Dr
  • Upland Dr
  • Evergreen La
  • Hard Ridge Rd
  • Shadow Brook Pkwy
  • High Way
  • North Way