Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report August 25, 2017

Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report August 25, 2017


Rob Greenstein
Supervisor, New Castle

Hunts Place Update

I have previously provided updates on the brownfield remediation being done at 54 Hunts Place, near the Quaker Street Bridge and Saw Mill River Parkway. Click here for my report of August 9, 2017 and here for my report of August 18, 2017.

As I’ve mentioned before, for residents who think that a residential apartment building doesn’t belong sandwiched between the Harlem Line railroad and a busy parkway off-ramp – every member of the current Town Board agrees with you!!  By way of background, this project was approved by a prior Town Board in 2013. The first phase of the construction involves remediating the environmental contamination on the property, which was used to run a kerosene, fuel oil and gasoline supply business between roughly the 1930s and 1960s.  NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (“NYSDEC”), not the Town, has jurisdiction over the environmental clean-up.  The remediation plan was approved by NYSDEC.  The approved plan requires a 10-foot excavation of much of the site, up to the property line.

Residents have been understandably concerned about potential health risks associated with the strong odors coming from the site. Right now, we are doing everything in our power to eliminate risks to our residents. We have taken a number of steps to monitor the release of air-borne contaminants and ensure that the developer follows all required procedures for the excavation work. To summarize —

  • We retained our own environmental consultant, WCD Group, LLC (,to address the immediate concern – soil removal and air monitoring.
  • We obtained an additional air monitoring station to be situated between the excavation area and World Cup.
  • The number of off-site air monitoring stations was increased by at least four (4) to provide data from all directions of the site.
  • NYSDEC is reviewing the sensor reports on a daily basis.
  • Our environmental consultant is reviewing the sensor reports.
  • Our environmental consultant is doing independent air quality monitoring sampling with their own equipment – a photoionization detector (“PID”).
  • Our environmental consultant is maintaining a continual presence on the site during excavation
  • NYSDEC is maintaining a continual presence on the site during the remainder of the excavation.
  • Our building inspector is visiting the site on a regular basis.
  • We are receiving daily monitoring reports and posting them on the Town web site. ( (under latest news)

Our environmental consultant attended our work session on Wednesday morning and answered questions from Town Board members & residents. Here’s the video of the meeting. Following the meeting, I asked NYSDEC a number of questions. Click here for the questions and answers.

Residents should know that our environmental consultant’s opinion has consistently been that only low grade organic vapors were being generated in the immediate vicinity of the excavation, and that these vapors were not travelling any measurable distance from the site. The peak PID reading were well below the site guidance level.

As far as next steps, we have asked our environmental consultant if the scope of remediation – depth and linear extent – should be expanded based on field conditions encountered. We have asked our environmental consultant to prepare a proposal so he can evaluate the remedial plan, advise as to off-site impacts. We have also asked him to attend our 9/6 Town Board meeting to explain the full remediation plan and future monitoring.

We will continue to monitor for any potential hazards. We will continue to work with NYSDEC and environmental consultant. We will continue to make sure our residents are safe.


Commuter Lot Paving

Repaving of the South commuter lot will be done today, Friday, August 25. The full lot will reopen on Monday.


Route 120 Paving

This project was delayed by a week. The Route 120 paving project is now scheduled to start this Monday, August 28th and be completed by Thursday August 31st. During this time Route 120 will remain open to traffic, utilizing alternating one lane operation. In order to better maintain traffic flow, Seven Bridges Road will be used as a bypass road to relieve traffic queue build ups.


9-11 Ceremony

Please join us as the Town of New Castle marks the sixteenth anniversary of 9-11. We will commemorate this solemn day with a memorial service, honoring and remembering all those affected and the thousands who lost their lives, including three New Castle residents. We will also pay tribute to the immediate response and contributions from New Castle’s first responders and residents on September 11th, 2001 and in the days that followed. The memorial will be held this year on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 6:30 P.M. at the Gedney Park, Millwood Road (Route 133), Chappaqua, New York 10514