Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report February 15, 2017

Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report February 15, 2017

New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 2/15/2017

Rob Greenstein
Town Supervisor, New Castle
Distracted Driver Diversion Course
I was proud to speak at the Horace Greeley New Driver Orientation Meeting this past Monday. Besides talking about New Castle’s Hands Off the Phone and on the Wheel initiative, I used the opportunity to introduce our Distracted Driver Diversion Course program. This course will be given by Jacy Good and her husband Steve Johnson of They were both the keynote speakers at the Horace Greeley program. Once again, they shared their incredibly powerful story of an accident, caused by a distracted driver, that killed Jacy’s parents and left her with a traumatic brain injury.

The Distracted Driver Diversion Course was developed to help lower crashes caused by people using cell phones and electronic devices while driving. The course is impactful presentation that can change attitudes and cause drivers to make a decision to stop using electronic devices while driving. In fact, attendees often become advocates who encourage their family, friends and coworkers not to use electronic devices while driving. The course is offered to persons who have been ticketed in the Town of New Castle for a distracted driving offense. While no promises or commitments are being extended, completion of this one-hour course prior to your pre-trial conference date will be given favorable consideration in determining whether, and to what extent, any plea bargain may be offered to you. Each paid registrant will be permitted to bring one family member or friend to the presentation. Bringing a loved one with you to the course, will help them be a safer driver. The course will be given at The Wallace Auditorium. Four dates have been scheduled. Click here for dates & times, along with Frequently Asked Questions.

Revised Final Draft 2017 Comprehensive Plan
Last night we had a very productive joint work session with the Planning Board to discuss the Revised Final Draft 2017 Comprehensive Plan. The document will now be amended to reflect the feedback generated from this joint work session. Here’s our schedule going forward:
Tuesday, February 28th – Town Board Review of DCP Environmental Assessment Form (EAF)
Tuesday, March 7th – Town Board Review of DCP Environmental Assessment Form (EAF), Round 2
Tuesday, March 14th – Town to set Public Hearing for DCP and do referral to Westchester County
Tuesday, March 28th – DCP Public Hearing
Tuesday, April 25th – Town Board DCP Public Hearing
Tuesday, May 9th – Town Board considers adoption of DCP
View the document here.

Architectural Review Board
Last night we also held a joint work session with our Architectural Review Board (“ARB”) to discuss ways to improve how the ARB reviews residential and commercial projects. The ARB has worked with Town staff and our Town attorneys on a number of proposed changes to the Town Code that I look forward to discussing. I’d like to thank all those involved for their efforts. I am particularly looking forward to exploring ways we can ensure that the ARB plays an important role in shaping future improvements within our business hamlets.

No doubt, hard feelings remain after last November’s presidential election. Personal relationships have been negatively affected. Some completely avoid political talk to avoid arguments. We need to move away from partisanship division & vitriol, and towards respect for a standard for decency and politeness in the community. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, we must respect different political viewpoints. We must be more tolerant. We must come together around a group of common/shared values. We are one community. We must restore some basic sense of decency and community in the wake of a bitter election cycle. No minds sought to be changed nor political agenda sought to be promoted. Just residents of goodwill of all stars and stripes seeking to reinforce the concept that at the end of the day, we are all members of the same community with an undeniable basic common interest in civility and genuine harmony.

As the Town Board stated last November: We, as a Town Board, condemn any acts of unlawful discrimination, violence, and intimidation that target differences in national origin, race, sex, gender, religion, disability, OR POLITICAL VIEWPOINT ACROSS OUR NATION. Such acts run counter to the rights and freedoms upon which our country was founded and to the core values of the Town of New Castle. New Castle is committed to fostering welcoming communities and an equitable, diverse, and inclusive society.

Town Hall Playground
We had a preliminary meeting last week to explore the expansion of the playground and also the location of the basketball court. With regard to the playground, which Councilman Jeremy Saland will be working on, we discussed raising the level to expand the footprint – 20 feet length wise and 12 foot width wise. We also discussed integrating the new design with the basketball court and recreation field by adding a new bridge. We are including engineering services for the new playground in the RFP for the new basketball court to maximize integration. We are also working on updated sketches.

Millwood Replica Train Station
For years there has been talk of building a replica of the former Millwood train station. We are now looking to getting it done. BOCES previously offered to build this for us, and they are still interested! We are looking to secure funding from Westchester County, and we’re working with Senator Terrence Murphy and Assemblyman David Buchwald to help us secure the necessary permit.

Millwood Community Garden
We continue to make progress with the Millwood Community Garden. We have compiled anticipated expenses for the garden. We are currently exploring whether we want to put in a pump at the pond or use town water. They are planning their first meeting with the gardeners, to be held in March.

Recreation & Parks Smoking Ban
Our Parks & Recreation Commission is suggesting a new rule which would prohibit smoking in our public parks. We are asking for feedback on this proposal. Please provide feedback to