Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report March 13, 2017

Town of New Castle Supervisor’s Report March 13, 2017

New Castle Supervisor’s Report – 3/13/2017

Rob Greenstein
Town Supervisor, New Castle
Snow Storm

Town of New Castle Snow Emergency Declared from 10 pm Monday, March 13, through 10 am Wednesday, March 15. On street parking is prohibited during this time.

This is a major snow event began at about 3:00 am this morning. Possible snow accumulations in the range of 12 to 24 inches before ending at 10:00 pm this evening. Operationally, we brought all of our crews in very early this morning to both pre-salt and plow their routes. Currently, all of the routes have been plowed at least once; however, with snow coming down at over an inch per hour, our roads are covered immediately after the plows go through. It appears that the heaviest snow will begin coming down from now until early this afternoon. With high winds; we will experience “WHITE-OUT CONDITIONS.” PLEASE stay off the roads!

Metro-North Railroad will be suspending all service at noon because of increasing winds and heavy snow accumulations; the last trains will arrive at Grant Central Terminal and other terminals at approximately noon. Customers should check for exact schedule.

To keep residents informed and to ensure that our community is prepared during a snow storm, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Close Indian Point
The Town of New Castle has previously expressed its concern over the continued operation of the nuclear power plants at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. The Town Board established the Sustainability Advisory Board (“SAB”) to assist the Town Board in monitoring, developing and administering environmental and energy policies. We’re referring the subject of the closure of Indian Point to the SAB to review and provide written recommendations to the Town Board as to the pros and cons of closing the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and whether the Town should support closing the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

Town Hall Basketball Court
The Town Board approved the funding for a new lighted basketball court and playground at Town Hall. We’re now working on requests for proposal (“RFP”) for the preparation of conceptual plans, construction drawings and construction documents for the basketball court, playground area and parking lot improvements. The proposed lighted basketball court will be 84’ x 50’ with 10’ clear zone. The proposed playground area will be a minimum area of 4,000 square feet.

Transgender Bathroom
It’s the policy of the Town Board to celebrate diversity and promote the full equality, inclusion and acceptance of all individuals through meaningful and visible strategies rooted in education, understanding and respect. Last year, the Town Board established a Community Inclusion and Diversity Committee to develop and implement programs designed to foster a spirit of diversity and inclusion in our community. The Town Board has requested that the Community Inclusion and Diversity Committee review and make recommendations to the Town Board on whether it would be advisable and appropriate to implement any changes to the public restroom facilities at Town Hall to better accommodate transgender individuals.

New Castle Youth Civics Action Committee (“YCA”)
Last night we approved the creation of the New Castle Youth Civics Action Committee (“YCAC”). The goal of this committee is to increase youth participation in local government. We recognize that youth should add their voices to local policies, practices and services offered in the communities that concern them. We recognize that youth are valuable stakeholders, capable of contributing to the vibrancy of our communities . YCAC will teach democracy by giving young people first-hand experience of decision-making in a democracy. YCAC will empower youth to act as advocates for themselves and their peers through identifying and representing the needs of the youth community. YCAC will be a resource for community problem-solving. YCAC will advocate for policies and programs for youth. YCAC will coordinate with other town committees. YCAC will work with parents, agencies, schools, businesses, faith groups, civic groups and community-based organizations that advocate for our youth, YCAC will work with non-partisan organizations that encourage youth participation in government. If interested, please send an email to Town Administrator Jill Shapiro –

Community Preparedness
We all hope that a disaster will never happen, but we want to do our best to give our residents the peace of mind in knowing that they are prepared as possible to protect themselves, their family and their neighborhood if it should. We are looking into monthly training sessions to help prepare residents and neighborhoods to respond to emergency or disaster. The first session will be held in New Castle Town Hall on April 12th, 2017 starting at 7pm. This session titled “Civilian Response to an Active Shooter” will provide information to help citizens be better prepared should they be in the vicinity of an active shooter incident. The session will be instructed by Officers from New Castle’s firearms training unit who have been certified to provide this course. Future sessions will continue to prepare New Castle citizens to effectively respond in the initial phase of an emergency or disaster. The sessions will include participation by the Towns Fire Departments and Ambulance Corp. Residents will learn about the types of items they may want to have in their homes and be provided with the basic skills to handle initial response to fire and medical emergencies. In the final session we will move New Castle citizens from individual and family preparedness to neighborhood preparedness. We will encourage neighbors to have a conversation amongst themselves about their resources, such as which homes in their neighborhoods have emergency generators, what skills their neighbors have that can be used during an emergency, identifying neighbors who are frail or have special needs, and preparing for the care of the neighborhoods children and pets. First responders and the Towns Emergency Preparedness Committee will provide guidance on how to have these discussions to prepare your neighborhood for effective response in emergencies. The degree to which people want to be involved and commit to helping their neighbors will be an individual decision.

Solar Installation Moratorium
The Town Board passed a moratorium will prevent any new building permits from being issued for ground-mounted solar energy collectors in any zoning district and roof-mounted solar energy collectors and/or equipment in any business or industrial zoning district. The reason we did this is because our Town Code doesn’t presently address these types of solar installations in a meaningful way. The moratorium will allow the Town Board to adopt new zoning legislation before any new projects are built. The goal is to address the subject through reasonable zoning requirements before we receive complaints. The industry/products are evolving very quickly and we need to keep pace with the changes. The Town strongly supports solar equipment as a sustainable energy source and wants to ensure that we are encouraging and facilitating its use. That means having clear rules and a straightforward application process. We expect that 3 months will be enough time for the Town Board to complete its work.

Update on the former Chap Rest & Healthy Choice space
Deputy Supervisor Adam Brodsky & myself continue to be in constant contact with the broker for the property. Many have seen the improvements to the building and are asking if a tenant is moving in. The answer is no. The improvements were to make the space more marketable. The good news is that they now have a few possibilities that are gaining traction.

Burbio – and New Castle – is now on Amazon Alexa!
I’m happy to report that Burbio, our Community Calendar is now on Amazon Alexa, the voice that powers the Amazon Echo, Dot, and associated devices. Every event on Burbio can be found on Alexa! Residents can say, “Alexa, ask Burbio what is happening at the Chappaqua Library?” – and it will answer! Residents can ask “What is happening in New Castle? – and it will read the community calendar! With our Community Calendar, residents can find local community, school, sports, activity and event calendars – all in one place. Besides the ability to sync events to your personal digital calendar, every week you will receive an email with weekly events. Signing up takes seconds.