Receiver of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for the collection of county, town and school taxes. Please be aware that taxes must be paid whether or not property owner receives notification (New York State Real Property Law, section 922). If you are a new property owner, please notify the Receiver of Taxes so that your tax bill can be sent to the proper place.

Town Hall Reservations

Although Town Hall is open to the public, reservations are strongly encouraged. You can make a reservation up to seven days in advance with the Town Clerk/Receiver of Taxes, Justice Court,  the Assessor, Recreation and Parks, and the Building and Development Department.  Reservations will be given priority over residents who just walk into Town Hall for transactions.

SCHEDULE-APPOINTMENT IconFor the convenience and safety of our residents and staff, most of our transactions can be completed via mail, email, by calling us or using this website. 

The 2021 Town/County Tax Bills are Due 

The 2021 Town/County Tax Bills are due. If you, as opposed to your bank, are responsible to pay your property taxes, and you have not received your tax bill, please call the tax office at 238-4773. 2021 

Town/County taxes are due without penalty by Friday, April 30, 2021. The Tax Office will be open Friday, April 30, 2021 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

Payments can also be made using our on-line payment system:

Due to public health and safety concerns, the New Castle Town Hall is open by appointment only 9am to 12pm until further noticeAs a result, the School Tax payments can be made as follows:

  • On-Line - Electric check payments can be made through the Town’s secure website  This is a simple and free of charge process for remitting your taxes.  You provide your check routing number and the funds are transferred to the Town’s banking account.  The day you process the payment is the day the Town receives it.  Payments can be timely made up to 11:59 p.m. on February 1, 2021.  Go to and follow the instructions for on-line tax payments. 
  • Please note that if you are requesting payment of taxes through your bank’s on-line system, it can take up to 5-7 business days before the Town receives the check. These payments usually do not bear U.S. postmarks and, as a result, the day of receipt is the day of payment.  In order to avoid interest penalties, please leave sufficient time when processing a tax payment in this manner so that the check is received by the Town before the February 1st due date.
  • Drop Off - Tax payments may be dropped off to Town Hall in the Town Clerk mailbox located on the 1st floor lobby, 200 South Greeley Avenue (right outside the Police Department).  This drop box will be cleared daily between Monday and Friday.
  • By Mail - If you mail your payment, be sure the envelope bears a timely official U.S. postmark.  Postage meter (i.e., Pitney Bowes) and foreign postmarks are not acceptable.  Under Section 922 of the New York State Real Property Tax Law, when an envelope contains payment of local taxes with no U.S. postmark date, the payment of such taxes is deemed to have been made on the date the payment is received by the Town.  
  • Credit Card Payments. Credit card payments are also accepted through the Town’s secure website  Please note there is a third-party fee imposed on credit card payments of 3.5%. 

Tax Office personnel will be working and available to assist by email or phone.  The health and safety of the general public and our employees is the Town’s number one priority.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times.   

Please note that the Tax Office holds post-dated checks.  You may send your tax bill in today and date it for February 1 and the Tax Office will hold the check until February 1 for deposit.  The Tax Office accepts United States Post Office postmarks as proof of timely mailing.  If you are mailing your payment please make certain you see the Post Office affix a postmark to your tax payment.  If you have any questions please call the tax office at 238-4773.  

For your convenience, your tax payment history as well as this current Town and County Tax Bill is available on our website:


Veterans and Seniors may be eligible for an exemption. For all exemption-related questions including the School Tax Relief Program (STAR) call the Assessor’s office at 914-238-4722.

Dates at a Glance

  1. Delinquent Taxes
  2. School Taxes
  3. Town & County Taxes

On July 1, all prior year delinquent taxes are filed with the Westchester County Clerk’s Office.