Merchant Parking

Per the resolution passed by the New Castle Town Board on June 24, 2014, merchants are allowed to obtain 7 employee parking permits (if proof of employee payroll is submitted, merchants can apply for up to 10 employee parking permits, as long as the permit holders’ names correspond to the names on the business’ payroll.)

As always, applications should be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office (along with proof of employee payroll if required.) Employers should redact personal information regarding their employees (i.e. Social Security Number), but insure that the names of the employees are still clearly listed. Businesses may be issued up to three guest passes (which will be included in the total number of permits issued.) The remaining four (or seven where applicable) must be specifically issued to employees, with their individual license plate numbers listed on the permit. If an employee no longer works at a business, the parking permit must be surrendered to the Town Clerk’s office and a replacement will be issued for a new hire.

It is the business owner’s responsibility to provide:

  • Their Drivers’ license
  • Proof of employee payroll
  • The business owner must provide their original signature on each application. By signing the applications and providing their drivers’ license, the business owner is taking responsibility for the use of the permits by their employees.

It is the employee’s responsibility to provide:

  • Their current registrations that clearly indicate the expiration date and license plate number
  • Employees must also sign their applications

Please note parking permits will not be issued to any individual with outstandingparking tickets. Parking permits will be revoked if any merchant parking permitholder parks in the merchant lot and walks to the train station to take the train.

For more information

View our parking applications and permits for Merchant information, or head over to our Town Clerk's Office for more information!