Arts & Culture Committee

Mission Statement

The New Castle Arts and Culture Committee (NCACC) is envisioned as a gathering of diverse community stakeholders dedicated to improving the quality of life for the entire New Castle community by enhancing culture and the arts in and around New Castle. 

The mission of the NCACC shall be to support, develop, propose and raise awareness of the events programs on art, music, dance, theater, film and all other cultural art forms taking place in an around the Town of New Castle. Events and programs of interest shall include theater productions, arts series, art auctions, concerts and shows, art exhibits, children’s art programs, and community creative festivals. 

To achieve its objective, the NCACC will serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Board and other departments within the Town to foster collaboration between the Town and third parties on events and programs dedicated to the arts.

Establishment & Term of Office

The Arts and Culture Committee was established in October of 2015. The term of office is two years.

Specific Functions

The NCACCs specific functions shall be established by the Town Board but shall include:

  • Collaboration with third parties to develop presentations to the Town Board for proposed events and programs
  • Researching other events or programs taking place in the region which may be of interest to the New Castle community
  • Helping to promote Town-sponsored events and programs
  • Acting as a liaison between the Town and the public for feedback on past and future events and programs