Coronavirus Info

COVID-19 Update

As the nation, New York State, and local municipalities in Westchester County continue to prepare for and respond to the fluid realities of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, please know that your New Castle Town Board continues to secure the information, services and tools we need to safeguard the community as best we can for the upcoming days, weeks and potentially months. Although circumstances can change day to day and hour to hour, all of us – elected officials, Town staff, and first-responders – remain steadfast in our commitment to each of you. To that end, please review the following to familiarize yourself with the steps taken by the Governor, County Executive and Town board as well as to better understand the current realities of COVID-19 and its impact in New Castle and beyond. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions, concerns or suggestions at

Ivy Pool, Town Supervisor
Jeremy Saland, Deputy Town Supervisor
Lisa Katz, Councilmember
Jason Lichtenthal, Councilmember
Lauren Levin, Councilmember