Community Announcements from the New Castle Police Department and the Town of New Castle

Request for positive COVID-19 patients to voluntarily self-report to the New Castle Police Department.

The rate of COVID-19 testing is increasing, and results from testing are arriving slowly. Positive COVID-19 patients will know their diagnosis days before it’s recorded by the Westchester County Health Department.

In an attempt to keep first responders in Town healthy, we are asking anyone in New Castle who has tested positive for COVID-19 to voluntarily self-report to the Police Department by emailing Chief Carroll at Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared. This is the fastest way for us to get this information, and it is vital in the event we need to respond to a call at your home.

Police Advisory: Stay home. Stay Safe. #flattenthecurve 

We are receiving reports regarding non-compliance of social distancing rules. Many of these reports are about our younger residents. They need to be reminded they aren’t invincible: In fact, 54% of New York State Coronavirus cases are ages 18-49. Nobody should be endangering their own health, and they certainly have no right to endanger someone else’s.

We are actively looking for social distancing violations and addressing them. Please don’t hesitate to call the Police Department at (914) 238-4422 if you observe a violation you feel needs to be addressed.

Parks: How to Safely Enjoy the Great Outdoors

As a reminder, the trails in our public parks remain open. However, there are reports of people not social distancing by refusing to step aside or move out of the way for other hikers. Whether you are outdoors or inside a supermarket, wear a mask if you are potentially going to come in relatively close proximity to others. Simply, extend them the same courtesy you would expect. Keep in mind, if you need to park along the road far from the trailhead and outside the parking lot, it likely means the trails will be crowded – consider using a different park. Please use common sense and clean up both after your dog and yourself. When hiking with your dog off-leash, you must maintain voice control over your pup at all times, and consider leashing your dog to avoid unwelcome encounters with other hikers. Be a good neighbor and a thoughtful dog owner!

Pool Clubs and Private Property: Not a Place to Gather

There have been reports of young people gathering on the grounds of at least one of our private pool clubs. The New Castle Police have been notified and we have asked them to step up surveillance. Not only should you speak with your children to ensure they understand that they may be violating the Penal Law for Criminal Nuisance and Trespassing, but they are also flouting Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order. Further, they are selfishly demonstrating a willful indifference to the health of the community we all call home. Please speak to children and remind them that should they be summonsed for violating the law, not only will they only have themselves to blame, but will likely be quite ashamed of their conduct given the incessant messaging about social distancing by the federal, state, county and New Castle government.

Safety in the Streets: Drivers and Pedestrians Must Follow the Law

With brightening sun and warming temperatures, more of us are escaping the confines of our home to walk in town. As a reminder to newer and more experienced drivers alike, speeding and whipping around curves wasn’t acceptable before COVID-19 and it certainly isn’t now. Ignoring the fact that there are no meetings, sporting events or other gatherings you are running late for, have the courtesy to show some restraint and slow down. Similarly, walkers should follow the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines and walk facing traffic. Simply put, none of this is a heavy lift especially when it comes to the safety of friends, family members and neighbors.