Drafts of Form Based Code

Informational Engagement Sessions

The Town conducted three informative and educational engagement sessions on the Form Based Code. Many town residents participated in these sessions and were able to get answers on their questions regarding the proposed re-zoning. Many more residents and interested parties viewed the recordings after the original presentations. Watch them on demand HERE. 

These engagement sessions were the start of understanding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement which has been the subject of several public hearings. 

Review of the DGEIS is part of the process that the Town is required to follow in relation to reviewing the Form Based Code. To learn more about that process, click HERE.

A New Direction for the Form Based Code

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, the Town Board announced a new direction for the Form Based Code, based on feedback received during the public hearings on the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS). To summarize, the Town Board agreed to complete the Final GEIS and State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Findings Statement using the current study area, and revise the legislation to limit the Form Based District to a single area: the North Greeley corridor.