Arts Contest Prompt 2024

Instructions:  Entries must be based on information you have learned about the Holocaust and/or a survivor’s or a rescuer’s testimony that you have seen or heard either in person or on video.  Resources listed below:

Entries should be a response to this prompt:

  • As you listen to the survivor's or rescuer's testimony, and as you reflect on the stories the person shares, think about and write down a specific word, phrase, or sentence that resonates with you as crucial to that individual's memory of the Holocaust.
  • As a person now entrusted with this individual's memory, through your creativity in art, poetry, sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, film or music, explore the meaning and significance of this word, phrase, or sentence in the survivor's or rescuer's story and in your understanding of the Holocaust.

Entries must be submitted with the artist’s statement that includes:

  • Title of the work
  • Statement of how the work addresses the prompt
  • Statement must include student or school name and should be 100 words or less.
  • Acknowledgement of sources  - to protect copyright holders, proper citation of all sources is required.  Permission for sources that are not public domain must be obtained in writing from copyright holder and submitted with entry.

Download Arts Contest Prompt