Office of Community Liaison

The New Castle POLICE REFORM AND REINVENTION COLLABORATIVE COMMITTEE (PRRCC) recommended the Town of New Castle create an independent Office of the Community Advocate/Liaison.  This Advocate/Liaison provides a more effective avenue to lodge an anonymous complaint.

The New Castle PRRCC acknowledges that the current system for reporting anonymous complaints is problematic as it allows a complainant to maintain anonymity when lodging a complaint, but fails to provide an avenue to allow the complainant follow-up and closure.   They determined that the current system is problematic for the police as well, in that it does not allow for follow-up by the police in order to conduct an effective and thorough investigation (i.e., key material information is missing, so the investigation stalls).

Therefore, the Office of the Community Advocate/Liaison will:

  • Assist a complainant with filling out a complaint.
  • File the complaint on behalf of the complainant.
  • Maintain the anonymity of the complainant if desired.
  • Act as an intermediary with the police for the purpose of conducting a complete and thorough investigation.
  • Allow the complainant to be fully informed about the investigation while ongoing and when completed.
  • After the investigation is complete, the results will be conveyed to the complainant through the Community Advocate.
  • Allows the complainant closure.

Community Advocates/Liaisons are volunteers from the greater community, which should include members of the LGBTQ community, the interfaith council, and the BIPOC community.

If you are interested in becoming an Advocate/Liaison, please print, fill out the Town of New Castle Community Liaison Volunteer Application and submit it to the Town Administrator, Jill Shapiro, at

If you are selected to be an Advocate/Liaison, you will be required to complete the Town of New Castle Community Liaison Agreement.

Anyone using the Town’s Advocate/Liaison will be required to complete the Town of New Castle Community Liaison Complainant Waiver and Release of Liability.

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