Food Scrap Recycling

210 Joan Corwin WayFood Scraps can be dropped off when the New Castle Recycling Center is open.  

The New Castle Food Scrap Recycling Program Launched May 29th, 2018! 


Compostable bags (meeting US composting standards, ASTM D6400) must be used and are required for participation.  Plastic bags marked as “biodegradable” CANNOT be used. In order to be labeled as “compostable,” a bag must meet established composting standards for completely breaking down in an industrial composting facility within a fixed period of time. Compostable bags must also be made from raw materials (like plants) that are compostable, non-toxic and won’t accumulate in the environment. Food scraps cannot be dumped loose in the collection bins at the recycling center. Thank you for doing your part to keep our collection site clean and odor free.

On March 12, 2018, the New Castle Town Board unanimously authorized a food scrap recycling program for residents! Food scraps are one of the largest components of trash sent to landfills and incinerators so residents can reduce garbage waste and air pollution AND have the opportunity to recycle food waste not suitable for backyard composting (like bones, shells, meat, napkins, paper towels). Our “scraps” are brought to a compost facility and turned into soil. Several nearby towns have already implemented food scrap recycling programs including Bedford, Greenburgh, and Scarsdale. New Castle’s program was officially launched on May 29th, National Learn About Composting Day!

Program details:

  • The program started as a pilot with 500 residents (New Castle residents only)
  • Program participants pay $35 for the kit (countertop pail, storage/transportation bin, one set of compostable bags)
  • Drop-off food scraps in compostable bags at the Town Recycling Center (210 Joan Corwin Way, Chappaqua)
  • Plastic bags marked as “biodegradable” CANNOT be used.
  • view/download the New Castle – Food Scrap Recycling Guide
  • view/download the Food Scrap Recycling – Flyer
  • For questions or to sign-up for the Pilot Program, email or call the Recycling Center at (914) 238-8091

Where to purchase kits:

  • Kits can be purchased at the New Castle Recycling Center.  Look for the SAB table at the Chappaqua Farmers Market (when available) and at other announced events like Community Day, Town Board Meetings, etc