Leaf Blower Ordinance – Information for Landscapers

Leaf-Blower-graphic-by-SabineKeeping New Castle Clean and Quiet

Gas Leaf Blowers Are Not Permitted

June 1 – September 30

The Town of New Castle has an ordinance restricting Leaf Blower usage starting annually in 2021 from June 1 – September 30.  Leaf Blower restrictions have been in effect throughout Westchester County for many years already and each year more communities across the country are implementing policies around their use.

Executive Summary – read entire ordinance here: Chapter §90 of the Town Code

June 1 –September 30

No Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers (GLBs)
Electric Leaf Blowers are permitted

October 1 –May 31

Gas and Electric powered Leaf Blowers are permitted

Noise Levels from Domestic Tools – no restrictions during the hours of:

  • 8 AM –8 PM –Mon –Fri
  • 9 AM –8 PM –Sat
  • 9 AM –5 PM –Sun & Holidays
  • All other times not to exceed 45 dB(A)

We recommend Homeowners and Landscaping companies learn best practices related to healthy lawn and garden care:

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