50 North Greeley Avenue


This application proposes the adoption of a zoning amendment that would create a new Special Use Permit for mixed-use residential buildings that meet certain Green Building Standards and comply with various other site development requirements.  The proposed Special Use Permit would be called the “NG-Zero Special Permit” and would allow for the development of a 4-story mixed-used residential building at 50 North Greeley Avenue.  The applicant’s proposed legislation is linked below.  

A “Special Use Permit” allows a municipality to regulate uses that are deemed consistent with the underlying zoning, but only if certain additional development standards are satisfied.  The additional development standards are intended to ensure that the special use will not adversely impact nearby properties or the surrounding neighborhood.  

Consistency with the underlying zoning is the fundamental difference between a Special Use Permit and a variance.  A variance is a form of hardship relief that allows a property to be used in a manner that is inconsistent in some way with applicable zoning requirements.  

The Town Code currently provides for 18 other Special Use Permits, including but not limited to private schools, clubs, religious institutions, and solar farms.  

Additional development standards for a NG-Zero Special Permit have been proposed by the applicant and appear in the draft legislation.  In addition to standards relating to carbon emissions, the draft legislation includes thresholds relating to building height, parking ratios, lot size, and other features.  These standards and thresholds will be the subject of further review by the Town Board as the application progresses.  

Submissions from the Applicant

  1. 50 N Greeley Applicant Response to Comments - NBH Planning Group 9.19.2023 (PDF)
  2. 50 N Greeley Applicant Response to Comments - Gray Organschi 9.19.2023 (PDF)
  3. 50 N Greeley AKRF Response to Creighton Manning Traffic and Parking Review 8.9.23 (PDF)
  4. 50 N Greeley Ave Parking and Transportation Memorandum - Revised 8.7.2023 (PDF)
  5. 50 N Greeley Revised EAF Assessment of Potential Impacts 8.3.2023 (PDF)
  6. 50 N Greeley - NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation - Received 8.3.2023 (PDF)
  7. 50 North Greeley Applicant Revised Zoning Data Table 8.2.2023 (PDF)
  8. 50 North Greeley Applicant Revised Plans 8.2.2023 (PDF)
  9. 50 North Greeley Avenue Updated Parking and Transportation Memorandum 7.28.2023 (PDF)
  10. 50 N Greeley Applicant Revised Submission 7.18.2023 (PDF)
  11. 50 N Greeley Ave Parking and Transportation Memorandum V1 - 7.7.2023 (PDF)
  12. 50 North Greeley Working Group Revised Plans 6.13.2023 (PDF)
  13. 50 North Greeley Presentation 5.23.2023 (PDF)
  14. Consolidated Architectural Responses to Public Comments Public Hearing 5.9.2023 (PDF)
  15. VIDEO 50 North Greeley Ave. - Flight 2 (Link)
  16. VIDEO 50 North Greeley Ave. - Flight 1 (Link)
  17. 50 North Greeley Presentation 5.9.2023 (PDF)
  18. VIDEO - 50 N Greeley - Augmented Reality Model 5.9.2023 (Link)
  19. 50 North Greeley Assessment of Potential Project Impacts 11.23.2022(PDF)
  20. 50 North Greeley Ave Parking Study 11.23.2022(PDF)
  21. 50 North Greeley Presentation 11.9.2022 (PDF)
  22. 50 North Greeley - Cover Letter Project Description 9.20.2022 (PDF)
  23. 50 North Greeley - Special Use Permit Application 9.20.2022 (PDF)
  24. 50 North Greeley - Plan Set 9.20.2022 (PDF)
  25. 50 North Greeley - Zoning Data Table 9.19.2022 (PDF)
  26. 50 North Greeley Presentation 6.22.2022 (PDF)