Recreation and Parks Master Plan

For over 85 years  the Town of New Castle has actively promoted the community’s access to nature, health and wellness through parks, open space and recreation. The mission of the New Castle Recreation and Parks Department is to enhance the quality of life in New Castle through sports, leisure and other recreational experiences, and to provide individuals and families with a safe environment that emphasizes the fun and joy of personal development through participation and discovery at all ages. The Town’s parks and recreation system reflects both this mission and the community driven mindset of preservation through support for parkland, green space, fitness and wellness. 
The Recreation and Parks Master Plan establishes clear goals and actionable objectives to guide the Town Board, the Recreation and Parks Commission, and Recreation and Parks Department staff, in their work to maintain and enhance New Castle’s system of parks, open spaces, and recreation facilities over the next ten years or more. 
For more information regarding the Recreation and Parks Master Plan contact Ike Kuzio, Superintendent of Recreation and Parks @ (914)238-3909 or by email.