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Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – August 17, 2019

By Pizza Station, they installed the concrete for the sitting wall. This week they will install the stone veneer. Towards the end of the week, and on Saturday, they will excavate the sidewalk. Next week they will install trench drains, grade for sidewalks then pour sidewalks.

By Citibank, they installed the footing for the clock. This week they will form the sitting wall. 

On South Greeley from Pizza Station to 120, they installed drainage.  This week they will grade for the sidewalk. Next week they will pour the sidewalks & then place the brick pavers.

As far as the alley next to the old Hall of Scoops, this week they will place concrete for the sidewalk.

By Bank of America & Whispering Pines, this week they will install the steps. Next week they will install the landings & then grade for sidewalks.

In front of Starbucks, this week they will form the ramp & sidewalk then pour concrete. They will also place concrete for the brick pavers.

As part of the traffic light installation, they installed pedestrian poles by Starbucks, Sotheby’s & George’s Men Shop.

By George’s Men’s Shop, the traffic light pole footing is complete.

On North Greeley from Sotheby’s towards Susan Lawrence, this week they grade for the sidewalk & pour the sidewalk. Next week they will install brick pavers.

On upper King to the project limit by the old Methodist Church, this week they will pour concrete for the new sidewalks.

As far as the excavation for the new sitting wall in front of Great Stuff, as I previously mentioned a few weeks ago, we discovered 2 buried residential oil tanks (VERY old). We must wait for the soil test results before we can haul it away. Next week we hope to install rebar for the footings then install concrete for the footing. Then they will install rebar & then concreate for the actual sitting wall. They will then grade for the sidewalk.

As far as the alley way on upper King, they demolished the existing steps & graded for concrete & brick pavers.

From North Greeley to Waka, this week they will excavate the sidewalk from the intersection to Bagel Emporium. They will also install electrical conduits & light pole footings then grade for new sidewalks. Starting Saturday, they will excavate the wall by Waka. Next week they will install the new wall by Waka then grade for sidewalks.

As far full road reclamation, this work is being done at night. This is one of the last steps in the process, and can only be done when all the new curbs are in place. Full depth road restoration is essentially removing the entire road – going 2 feet down – and then installing a new road bed, sub-surface & surface (pavement). Full depth reclamation began along South Greeley Avenue from the Shell to King on the Squire’s side, including the parking lane. Next week they will work on the King & South Greeley intersection, and then work from South Greeley to Woodburn on the Eye Gallery side. While they are doing the reclamation in sections, the final 2” top coat will be done – hopefully at night – for the entire downtown. When the road work is complete, the curbs will be the proper height in relation to the road, the slope of the new road will complete the final drainage improvements, the roads will be smooth & look great!

Please remember to check the Town of New Castle website for all updates. To date, there have been 52 updates.