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Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – August 1, 2019

The Town Board approved the purchase of 7 tables, chairs & umbrellas for the patio/gathering area in front of Great Stuff (5 tables with umbrellas, and chairs), as well as the bluestone gathering area at the end of lower King St (2 tables & chairs). We also ordered 20 new benches (all memorial plaques will be moved to the new benches). The current benches, many of which are 15-20 years old, will be refurbished (if not too rusty) and will be used in our parks.

As far as upper King all granite curbing has been installed on both sides of the road.

On the Family Britches side, this week they excavated & graded for electric conduits & sidewalks. We installed irrigation. We also installed conduits & light pole footings. We excavated for the new sitting wall in front of Great Stuff. We are now installing electrical conduits for the seating wall. Next week we will install rebar & form for the seating wall footing then place concrete.

As far as the alley way on upper King, tomorrow we will demolish the existing steps & next week grade for concrete & brick pavers

As part of the traffic light installation, next week they will start installing the 5 pedestrian poles at the King/Greeley intersection. The first 2 pedestrian poles will be installed at the corners of Sotheby’s & George’s Men Shop. The poles will allow pedestrians to press a button to change the walk signal to green. We will be excavating for the pedestrian pole footings, installing rebar & then concrete for the pole footings. We will also be excavating & installing electrical conduits. By George’s Men’s Shop they will also be excavating, installing rebar & place concrete for the traffic light pole footing.

We have excavated the steps by Bank of America. This Saturday we will be excavated the steps by Whispering Pines. They will install lumbar for reinforcement. Next week they will pour concrete for reinforcement & grade for the new steps.

We removed the concrete sidewalk by Citibank to excavate for the footings for our new clock. We excavated & installed the clock footing, and tomorrow will be excavating for the seating wall around the clock.

Full depth road restoration will start again next week. This work will be at night. We will be starting on South Greeley to King Street. We do not anticipate any day time lane closures for full depth next week.

Please remember to check the Town of New Castle website for all updates. To date, there have been 50 updates.