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Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – June 09, 2019

As far as North Greeley, curbs, decorative lights, sidewalks & brick pavers were installed.

As far as lower King, they will continue to place concrete, and continue to install the brick pavers.  They will finish the sidewalks then the alley way.

As far as Allen Place, they excavated the existing curb & sidewalk. They formed & placed the concrete curb. They graded for the sidewalk. They will now excavate & grade for the bluestone next to Casa Tile.

By Pizza Station, they will be excavating the sidewalk on the south side (across from Shell). They will be excavating for the seating wall & trench drains. The following week they will install rebar for the seating wall then pour the concrete.

As far as South Greeley, on the Starbuck’s side, they excavated the existing curb & sidewalk from the triangle to lower King. They graded & installed the granite curb. They installed conduits & light pole footings. This week they will grade for the sidewalk, pour the sidewalk and the following week install the brick pavers.

On the Bank of America side of South Greeley, they excavated the existing curb & sidewalk on South Greeley from Woodburn to upper King. They installed conduits & light pole footings. They graded for the granite curb. The granite curb will be installed this week. This week they will excavate & install the pedestrian pole footing, install the light pole footing & grade for sidewalk. The following week they will continue to grade the sidewalk then pour the sidewalks.

Going up King, on the Petticoat Lane side, they started to excavate the existing sidewalk.

Night work is on hold pending final NYS DOT approval for the location of light pole. We are hoping to get a final answer this week so we can get the traffic signal footings installed and finish the sidewalks across from Starbucks and Georges Men’s Shop.

I wanted to take a moment to point out the process re: sidewalks.  Like most big construction projects there are many subcontractors each doing what they do best. All the work must be coordinated. We need to keep each sub-contractor busy for continuous periods of time. They don’t come back for 1 day stretches. For example, when A&K is installing curbs they need a big stretch. Same for pouring sidewalks and installing pavers.  Here’s a summary:

• Sidewalks are excavated (ELQ).
• Area is then graded for curbs (ELQ)
• Curbs are then installed (A&K)
• Footings for the decorative light poles are excavated (ELQ).
• Footings are installed (ELQ)
• Electrical conduits for the decorative light poles are then installed (Town DPW, electrician).
• Decorative lights are then installed (Verde, electrician)
• Sidewalks need to be graded (ELQ)
• Sidewalks & foundation for the brick pavers are poured (A&K).
• Brick pavers are then installed (A&K)