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Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – November 27, 2018

Happy to announce that New Castle is getting a $459,802 grant for our water infrastructure improvements!  Click here.   Granite curbing & brand new sidewalks were installed on North Greeley from Bischoff to the post office. Granite curbing was installed on South Greeley from Washington to Woodburn (library side).  The snow last week delayed the installation of the sidewalks at that location.  They are being installed this week.  Granite curbing on King Street from Greeley to the project limit was installed last week.  Last week’s snow delayed the placing of asphalt on the sidewalk at that location.  As far as the parking on King Street by Petticoat Lane, Family Britches & Ibiza Kitchen (old Chap Tavern space) we are not losing any parking spaces at that location.  This will be apparent when the yellow lines are relocated this week – when the roads are dry!  The street will be 40’ wide – two 12’ wide travel lanes and two 8’ wide parking lanes.  Please keep in mind the roadway geometry is consistent with NYS DOT Highway Design Standards.  It was designed by our traffic engineers, and reviewed and approved by NYSDOT – it’s their road.  The narrowed road is a traffic calming measure to encourage safer, more responsible driving and improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.  As far as final drainage work on North Greeley from lower King to Maple, we continue down North Greeley.   As I mentioned several times over the course of the year, merchants and residents will not be inconvenienced for a second consecutive holiday shopping season – we are shutting down most of the operation from Thanksgiving until after the first of the year.  Residents can look forward to new wider sidewalks, attractive new public spaces, new crosswalks and traffic/parking improvements that will make it safer and more enjoyable to walk around our downtown.  This project will improve the overall aesthetic of our Chappaqua Hamlet and finally provide us with an infrastructure platform that will allow our downtown to grow and prosper.

Please remember to check the Town of New Castle website for all updates.   If you would like to receive daily updates, please email me.