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Pedestrian Safety at Construction Sites

Adam Brodsky
Deputy Town Supervisor

We have been working on pedestrian safety in the construction area with Police Chief Ferry and Boswell Engineering, our construction management firm. In fact, this week we attended meetings at Bell School with the entire student body. Those in attendance were myself, Principal Martin Fitzgerald, Town Administrator Jill Shapiro, John Kazawic from our project manger firm and Lt. Carroll from the New Castle Police Department discussing with the students the importance of caution while in the Hamlet.

In addition we are taking the following steps for pedestrian safety:

• Bell & Seven Bridges Schools will send notices out about safety awareness and we will hold additional school wide forums to stress the importance of caution while the students are in the Hamlet.

• We will have additional police and traffic safety personnel in Town on Fridays afternoons

• We will also be posting electronic speed signs on Fridays with a warning that there are pedestrians ahead.

• Boswell Engineering, is working on getting work zone reduced speed limit signs posted on South Greeley. They are also aware of the start arrival/dismissal times of buses and will plan work and lane closures accordingly.

• A good communication network was set up so that any issues will be handled quickly

Please remember that at Construction sites….PEDESTRIAN SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility

Reminders for the Driver:

* Slow down, especially wherever your vision is obstructed.
* Proceed cautiously through any congested area
* Watch for pedestrians
* Watch for flaggers
* Watch for construction vehicles

Reminders for Pedestrians:

* Avoid running. The driver’s visibility may be limited due to blind spots.
* Use crosswalks
* Watch for tripping hazards



We apologize for the unavoidable disturbance this critical infrastructure project will cause.