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New Castle Streetscape Update – 5/24/2016

Committee newsAdam Brodsky
Deputy Town Supervisor, New Castle
We again reconvened the Streetscape Committee this past Wednesday, May 18th. I am more than happy to report that the entire committee was present and excited about the progress we have made in designing the project.

We have substantially completed all major decisions for the Streetscape including but certainly not limited to: streetlamps, sidewalk finishes, benches, bollards, park and parklet layouts and plantings. The committee although incredibly conservative decided to splurge a little and use bluestone as opposed to brick or concrete in the public park areas.

Only some minor decisions remain such as concrete tinting colors and little tweaks.

We are extremely lucky to have such practical members on the committee. I was concerned at the onset that they would ignore the financial realities of a project of this scope, however the finishes chosen are both tasteful in my opinion and cost effective. An example is the sidewalk finishes. We certainly could have decided to install end to end brick sidewalks but the committee both from an esthetic and cost sensitive perspective decided on concrete with brick accents.

The next discussions coming up for the committee will be implementation and phasing. We will begin the public outreach to store keepers and landlords to get their input both on the plan and phasing.

I want to welcome everyone next Tuesday, May 31st at 7pm in Town Hall to a public forum where myself along with our Director of Planning, Sabrina D. Charney Hull will present a power point presentation of the proposed streetscape.