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Streetscape Committee Update – 4/25/2016

committee newsAdam Brodsky
Deputy Town Supervisor, New Castle

The Streetscape Committee met this week to bring to substantial finality the plans for Downtown. The topics discussed included:

1) Inclusion of some type of welcoming element or gatehouse at the entrance to Town in front of Town Hall near the Washington/South Greeley Intersection.

2) Discussion of assorted varieties of trees in groupings of at least three to provide for visual interest and varying colors. One interesting take away from installing different species of trees is the resilience of the Streetscape to any one particular tree blight.

3) The Committee very quickly came to consensus on the type of brick paver to be used throughout Town.

4) There was also agreement to install the pavers in a running bond pattern as opposed to a basket weave or other pattern.

5) WSP also discussed in passing the specialty installation of trees using a “structural soil” as it is termed to prevent lifting of the sidewalk from root growth.

6) The Committee also strongly encouraged use of larger caliber trees. However, the Committee was informed that smaller caliper trees 1.5” to 2” would be more likely to survive than if we were to plant larger 4” to 5” caliper trees.

7) There was unanimous agreement to remove the current Chappaqua signage in the Triangle and provide for new consistent signage throughout Town.

8) Public Spaces:

  • It was decided to install a stone retaining wall in the current triangle as opposed to steps or another congregating element. The Committee felt that use of the Triangle as a congregating area is dangerous and should be discouraged.
  • The new public square area in front of “Great Stuff” will be made of the same brick material and be used as a flex space with movable furniture.
  • A sign kiosk was also discussed in this space, to make up for the changes in the Triangle signage.
  • We are also creating a “parkette” or small park in front of Starbucks.

We are meeting again in two weeks to:

  • Complete the discussion of the gathering place at the end of Lower King Street
  • Review project budgets
  • Begin discussion of phasing preference.