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Infrastructure and Streetscape Project Update - October 5, 2019

New Castle Streetscape Clock

  • Drainage was installed by Bagel Emporium, Waka, Ibiza, Family Britches, Petticoat Lane, Great Stuff, Chappaqua Framing, Eye Gallery, Cosmetic Boutique, Citibank, Taco Street & Pizza Station.
  • Sidewalks are complete.  Here are the sidewalks completed this quarter:  
    • On Woodburn Avenue by Pizza Station 
    • On South Greeley by Pizza Station & Citibank 
    • On South Greeley by ICD, Local, Whispering Pines & Bank of America.  
    • On South Greeley in the alley next to the old Hall of Scoops  
    • On South Greeley by Eye Gallery 
    • On South Greeley by Starbucks
    • On South Greeley from the alley (next to Chap Framing) to Great Stuff 
    • On North Greeley from Sotheby's towards Susan Lawrence
    • On upper King from George’s Men Shop to the project limit by Bagel Emporium
    • On upper King from Great Stuff to the project limit by the old Methodist Church 
    • By the alley next to Ibiza
    • On Senter Street by the Community Center
  • Built new ADA compliant steps by Whispering Pine, Boswell office (old EZ Sports space) & Bank of America.
  • Built sitting walls by Pizza Station, CitiBank (for the clock) & Great Stuff
  • Installed the clock by Citibank
  • Installed a temporary stop sign.
  • Installed the traffic light.
  • Installed the 4 pedestrian poles at the King/Greeley intersection.
  • Full road reclamation was completed. We removed the entire road – went 2 feet down – and then installed a new road bed, sub-surface & surface (pavement).  
  • North Greeley and South Greeley from Town Hall to Woodburn will be paved on Monday night
  • They excavated the tree pits, installed top soil & placed the tree grates.  Trees were planted, along with some of the shrubs (around the electric sign and by the entrance to town hallW

On South Greeley from the alley to Great Stuff, this week they will install brick pavers & bluestone

From Great Stuff to Ibiza, this week install brick pavers and next week install bluestone

On King from George’s Men Shop to Waka, this week they will install brick pavers

Final paving is scheduled for next week

Bluestone will be completed by 10/18

Final Project (punch list items) completion by 11/22

Our new trash cans & recycling bins have been placed.

Our 27 new planters are ready to be placed

Our new street furniture - tables, chairs & umbrellas - for the patio/gathering area in front of Great Stuff  & lower King are ready to be placed.   

Our new benches are ready to be placed (all memorial plaques will be moved to the new benches).