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Downtown Chappaqua Sidewalk In Front of IbizaThey completed the bluestone in front of Ibiza.  They competed the stairs on the side of Ibiza (to the back parking lot).  They installed the brick pavers on South Greeley from the alley to Great Stuff, from Great Stuff to Ibiza & from George’s Men Shop to Waka. They installed new stoops at Villarina’s, Compass Realty & The King’s Scribe.  Steps for Sotheby’s will be poured next week.  Final paving was completed.  Road striping has started, and will continue next week.  Next week they will start peeling removing the temporary white cap joints and start caulking.   They have not installed brick pavers by Starbucks as that sidewalk will be modified. Additional bollards were installed.   The 5th pedestrian pole will be installed next week. We finally received DOT approval to install our solar powered pedestrian beacons by Lange’s & the North County Trailway in Millwood.   They have been ordered.  Decorative street lights have been powered up.  The charging station on the sides of the sitting wall by Great Stuff were installed.   Tables & chairs have been placed on lower King.  In the Spring, we’ll add umbrellas.  There are also plans to replace the trees at the end of lower King.  We will remove existing trees and replant trees that are more appropriate for the area & provide better screening from the railroad track.  Tables & chairs will soon be placed on the pedestrian plaza by Great Stuff.   The benches & our 27 new planters have been placed. Grass was replanted were needed.  They continue to work on punch list items.  We are aware of some cracked sidewalks, and those will be repaired or replaced.  Please send punch items to


Again, I just wanted to give thanks to our incredible Streetscape Committee for all the design elements that residents are finally able to see & appreciate. They patiently waited for the infrastructure improvements to be completed before the fruits of their labor came to fruition. The Streetscape Committee, under the leadership of Adam Brodsky, was responsible for the decorative light poles, traffic pole, pedestrian poles, bollards, benches, planters, sidewalks, brick pavers, plaza layouts, clock, sitting walls, brick alleys, trash & recycle bins, tree grates, signage (still coming), tables, chairs, umbrellas & charging stations.  Their efforts will be appreciated for decades to come.  They should all be incredibly proud.  Thank you!
Table and Chairs on Chappaqua Sidewalk


  • Adam Brodsky
  • Robert Schenkel
  • Beth Kuck-Hundgen
  • Phyllis Furnari
  • Dana Berk
  • Monica De Janosi
  • Lauren Lagman Levin