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Posted on: March 12, 2021

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Dear Ayanna, 
Do you actually write the questions yourself in order to create the opportunity to lecture white citizens on how their actions are empty “performative allyship”? How utterly condescending it is not only to write both the question and the answer, but to assume we are all stupid enough to fall for it.

Thus far the CRE seems to be an abject failure in leading us in a progressive direction. It does not “meet us where we are”, but instead insults and divides us. It is clear how the CRE sees the majority of the Town's citizens: the enlightened minorities and their enablers, and the racist privileged whites. It is alienating so many of us who care, and not providing solutions!


Steaming Mad 

Dear Steaming,

Whoa! I seem to have hit a nerve. Which is what Ayaana enjoys doing from time to time. Part of the point of this column is to provoke thought and initiate dialogue. These conversations aren’t always comfortable.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

First, every question addressed in “Dear Ayaana” is based on statements and questions the CRE has gotten. It is true that we occasionally edit questions and change names, but none of it is made up.

Second, it was hard to get past your description of “enlightened minorities and their enablers.” Please don’t provoke Ayaanna into another column devoted to addressing this insulting, reductive and utterly false narrative.

The CRE is made up entirely of citizens of New Castle – Black, white, Latino, Asian, men, women, as well a group of committed teenage interns. We are not in the business of lecturing the town. We are part of the town.

Steaming, you describe the CRE as “an abject failure in leading us in a progressive direction.” That’s not our mandate. We are fighting for racial equity and trying to educate our neighbors. Here’s a link to our mission statement.

We truly do want a dialogue, and we don’t bite. We even answer.



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