What safety measures will be put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

While we have not yet received specific guidelines from the CDC and Health Department, we have begun planning on how to make our camps as safe as possible. For example, we will be separating campers into groups no larger than 10. Groups will not interact during camp and will have their own designated space. In the event camp comes together, such as for an entertainers, groups will be spaced 6 feet apart.

Additionally, staff will be playing an important role in the daily cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment and spaces occupied by the camp.  Staff will also be required to wear masks.  As of 3/5, we were notified that campers 2+ years old WILL have to wear masks, except during water athletic events.

We will also be conducting general wellness check on every child and staff each day. Before a camper is dropped off each day, we will be doing temperature checks using a no-touch thermometer. Any camper or staff found with a higher than normal temperature will be sent home.

Regular hand washing and sanitizing using an alcohol based sanitizer will also be required and enforced by staff, particularly after each activity where group rotations take place. 

These guidelines will be updated as we receive them from the CDC and Health Department.

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