What is the Distracted Driver Diversion Course?

The Distracted Driver Diversion Course was developed to help lower crashes caused by people using cell phones and electronic devices while driving. The course is an impactful presentation that can change attitudes and cause drivers to make a decision to stop using electronic devices while driving. In fact, attendees often become advocates who encourage their family, friends, and coworkers not to use electronic devices while driving.

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1. What is the Distracted Driver Diversion Course?
2. My ticket was not issued in New Castle. Can I attend anyway?
3. How can the Distracted Driver Course lower the number of crashes?
4. Will my ticket be dismissed if I attend?
5. How do I register to attend?
6. What if I cannot attend on the date I have registered for?
7. Why do you allow attendees to being a friend or family member for free?