Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – July 14, 2019

As far as lower King, they excavated both sides of lower King and installed new asphalt. Diagonal parking along the SOUTH side of lower King (Village Market side) was installed. The shift of parking from the north side to the south side was always planned and is required for the proper alignment of traffic from King to lower King.

Over the next 2 weeks, they will start installing the 5 pedestrian poles at the King/Greeley intersection as part of the traffic light installation. The first 3 pedestrian poles will be installed at the corners of Starbucks, North Country Sotheby’s & Georges Men’s Shop. They will excavate for the pedestrian pole footings, install rebar & then concrete for the pole footings. They will also excavate & install electrical conduits for the pedestrian poles.

As far as upper King to North Greeley (Waka side), this week they will excavate & grade for the granite curb then install the granite curb. The following week they will excavate & remove existing sidewalk, and then excavate & install the light pole footings & conduits.

As far as the alley on South Greeley by Chappaqua Framing, they excavated & installed the trench drain. They placed concrete & installed the brick pavers. This week they will continue to install brick pavers.

As far as upper King from South Greeley to Senter Street (Family Britches side), Con Ed relocated the pole. They excavated, graded for the curb, and installed the granite curb. This week they will continue to install granite curb

By the historical society, they excavated, graded for the curb and installed the granite curb. This week they will continue to excavate & install granite curb.