Community Conversation: Lessons Learned from Winter Storm Emergencies

RESCHEDULED: Community Conversation: Lessons Learned from Winter Storm Emergencies

Ivy A. Pool
Council Member
Town Board liaison to the Community Preparedness Committee

Together, our community has just weathered a series of winter storms that resulted in widespread power outages, closed roads, and other emergency conditions. After an intense week of response and recovery efforts, we are pleased that all customers within the Town of New Castle have had their power restored. Like you, we are exhausted and relieved that this event is over.

Now we have a critical task to perform: while our collective memories are fresh, now is the time to learn from what happened and use these lessons to enhance our Town’s emergency response plan, as well as our own individual and neighborhood-based plans. Climate change is real; and weather-related emergencies can and will happen again.

The Town would like you to join with us in asking and answering questions such as: What can be learned from what happened? What worked well and what did not work? How can we improve our readiness and response?

On Thursday, March 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Chappaqua Library, the Town of New Castle will host a Community Conversation to discuss lessons learned from this event. We want to hear your feedback, comments, concerns, and suggestions. We will also invite experts on solar power and generators to provide real-time responses to some of the questions you may have. The Town Board will use the results of this session, as well as our internal review and analysis, to present recommendations for improvement to ConEd. If you cannot attend but wish to submit comments, please email them to