Coyotes In Chappaqua: What To Know During Pupping Season

Coyotes In Chappaqua: What To Know During Pupping Season

My name is Arden Hauck and I am a Wildlife Ambassador and Sophomore at Horace Greeley High School here in New Castle. I am also a senior Girl Scout working towards my Gold Award, which is on coyote education. I have been a New Castle resident for over nine years and now that Spring has rolled around again, I am excited to be welcoming lots of baby animals to our community, including my personal favorite: coyote pups.

I have always admired coyotes, and as a member of this community and also as a wildlife enthusiast, I feel it is necessary to educate as many people as possible about an animal that seems to need a little extra love and understanding here in New Castle.

If you get to know a coyote, you will see that they are physically magnificent, but also very intelligent. Despite the odds, they have found ways to not only survive, but thrive in the most unlikely places. As the world around them has transformed, the coyotes have remained and evolved, which is what makes them such remarkable creatures. However, as adorable and stunning as the babies are, it is important for us to keep our distance and respect coyote’s space and territory, just as we want them to respect ours.

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