Building Division

Welcome to the Building Division

If you are thinking about improvements to your home you should contact the Building Division to determine if you need any approvals. For your information:

  • A Building Permit is required for new construction, additions, alterations, decks, swimming pools, enclosing a screened in porch, adding skylights, and sheds. For questions about when a building permit is required, please contact our office at
    (914) 238-4723.
  • An Electrical Permit is required for all electrical work and must be filed through the Building Division. Electricians must be licensed by Westchester County.  The building department accepts electrical certification from four different electrical inspection companies. They are the following:

  New York Electrical Inspections Services
Tri-State Inspection Agency Inc.
Statewide Inspection Services, Inc
Westchester Rockland Electrical Inspections Services, Inc.

  • A Plumbing Permit is required for all plumbing work, including the replacement of boilers and furnaces.  Workers must be licensed by Westchester County.
  • A Certificate of Compliance is required upon completion of all building permit work.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy is issued after the project is complete.
  • The Zoning Board of Appeals considers requests for variances from Town Zoning Law. To schedule a ZBA hearing, contact the Zoning Board Secretary Secretary at (914) 238-4725.
  • The Planning Board approves all site plans and subdivisions. To schedule Planning Board review, contact the Planning Department.
  • Water running off construction sites and private property may contain hazardous substances that pollute and contaminate our drinking water, lakes, rivers and eventually the oceans.  To contain these waters, our Engineering Department reviews plans and construction sites.  They also perform inspections and make recommendations and revisions as needed to ensure that all laws are complied with.
  • Any exterior construction with a proposed value at over $5000 must obtain the approval of the Board of Architectural Review.  This Board ensures that the proposed work blends not only into the harmony of the structure but also the neighborhood in which it is situated. For more information, please contact the BAR Secretary at (914) 238-7273.
  • The Zoning Board of Appeals is actually a relief mechanism from the strict interpretation of the Zoning ordinance.

Applying for Solar

To apply for a solar permit, please fill out applications for a Unified Solar Permit, a Building Permit and an Electrical Permit, which can be accessed through the links below. Please note the Building Department does not accept electronic submissions of applications – please fill the applications out and bring them to the Building Department along with appropriate payment (as shown on the application forms).

Unified Solar Permit Application

Building Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application