Do Not Knock

Knock-It-Off-2If you would like to be added to the Do Not Knock List, please complete this form.  Your name and email address are needed only for the Town’s administration of the program.  Only your street address will appear on the Do Not Knock List.

Please be advised that door-to-door canvassing by religious, political and certain charitable organizations is protected under the First Amendment and not subject to the Town’s Do Not Knock rules.

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By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am the legal owner or tenant of the address provided. I understand that my address will be added to the Town of New Castle Do Not Knock List maintained by the New Castle Town Clerk. My address will remain on the registry until notification to the Town Clerk that the owner or tenant has moved or wishes to be removed. The Do Not Knock List will be provided to any person issued a solicitor's permit in the Town of New Castle.


Q: Who is prohibited from coming to my door if I join the registry?

A: Commercial solicitors and peddlers are prohibited from coming to your door if you join the registry. Commercial solicitors are people who go door-to-door selling products or services, such as a wireless vendor or vacuum salesperson.


Q: Who is exempt from the Do Not Knock law?

A: Charitable organizations and religious organizations, as well as individuals who wish to conduct polling or surveying, circulate petitions, engage in political or religious speech, or other similar conduct, are not subject to the Do Not Knock law. However, residents still have the right to post “No Trespassing” signs or signs of similar import indicating that such solicitors are unwelcome as well. If these persons refuse to leave your property, or if you feel at all threatened or doubt their authenticity, you should call the police department at 238-4422.


Q: How do peddlers and solicitors know they are not welcome at my home?

A: There are two ways in which peddlers and solicitors are provided notice. Every registrant under our Town Code will be issued a copy of the then-current “Do Not Knock” list simultaneously with the registration certificate issued by the Chief of Police. As well, residents can post a sign or decal conspicuously displayed in the front window or door of the home. The sign decal indicates “Knock it Off – No Solicitation Here”.


Q: How will the Do Not Knock law be enforced?

A: Enforcement will be primarily through complaints or calls to the Police Department by residents who have been wrongly disturbed by peddlers or solicitors in violation of the local law. The police will respond accordingly to such calls or complaints.


Q: What will happen to violators?

A: Any person violating the terms of the Do Not Knock law may be charged under the local law. Upon conviction in the Justice Court of the Town of New Castle, violators will be subject to a fine not to exceed $250 or to imprisonment not exceeding 15 days, or both, at the discretion of the Justice Court.


Q: How can I obtain the sign decal?

A: Sign decals will be available, during regular business hours, at Town Hall. You must be signed up on the “Do Not Knock Registry” prior to receiving a sign decal.


Q: Are peddlers or solicitors required to register with the Town of New Castle?

A: Yes, both peddlers and solicitors are required to register with the Town. Peddlers and solicitors must come in to the Police Department to register and are subject to a background check.


Q: Are there any restrictions against leaving flyers at the door?

A: Persons leaving commercial flyers attempting to solicit paid customers should follow the restrictions of the Do Not Knock law. Persons providing a flyer for an exempt organization are not prohibited from dropping such literature.


Q: Why can’t the Town prohibit all solicitation after dark?

A: Federal cases interpreting the First Amendment have found that local laws prohibiting all solicitation after dark are unconstitutional.


Q: Why should I display a sign after I’ve signed up?

A: Although it is a violation of the local law to solicit or deliver handbills to any residence on the “Do Not Knock” registry, the signs displayed at residences help counter a solicitor’s argument that he or she did not have prior notice that the resident did not want to receive information.


Q: Are solicitors and peddlers required to carry his/her permit on them while soliciting / peddling?

A: Yes, they must be licensed and are required to carry the license with them.


Q: How long is a permit good for?

A: The permit will indicate the date of expiration, which will not exceed one year from the date of issuance.