Every Person is Connected

Mission Statement: to expand efforts in addressing the needs of residents with special needs and provide organized recreation, educational, social and skill building activities and programming for all age groups from children to adults to raise general awareness concerning the needs and rights of persons with special needs.

Board Members Term Ends

Dr. Judith M. Frank 12/31/17
Danielle Gootzel 12/31/17
Kathleen Higgens 12/31/17
Kathleen Lindenthal 12/31/17
Kevin O’Brien 12/31/17
Rita Ross 12/31/17
Shannon Mrazik 12/31/17
The Every Person Is Connected Committee is trying to find ways to better the lives of people in our town who have special needs, in the areas of social, educational, training and vocational opportunities, transportation, housing, and care services. We believe that New Castle children have access to services of the school system and other organizations, and we have had much input concerning children.

Now we would like to hear from New Castle adults with special needs or from their supporters. We want to know the size of our population, and the range of abilities. And please let us know what is missing or needed (gaps in services, unmet needs) that could be provided, to improve life for adults with special needs or disabilities.

Possibilities include opportunities for exercise, such as:

  • hiking/bike path meetups
  • yoga
  • library book discussion groups
  • classes in woodworking
  • arts
  • music
  • participation in volunteer group

These and any other suggestions are welcome. Please email the Every Person Is Connected EPIC@MyNewCastle.org with your suggestions.

Interested in contributing? Submit an application to join the Every Person Is Connected Committee!

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